What We Offer

Lotus Gaming offers comprehensive services and a diverse range of partnership plans.


We provides advance API Integration made for existing online operators who want to integrate our games into their platforms. Moreover, we are offering Seamless, Fund Transfer and Kiosk Type of Integration, wherein operators have the advantage to fully control their end-user accounts within this integration.


Play and experience LOTUS GAMING featuring its database that supports different currencies. Valued clients who visit our site are given options on what currency to choose which allows them to deposit and withdraw money in their local currency.

Security and Safety

Being a trusted online casino provider, we ensure that all shared and transferred financial information are kept secured and highly confidential. All gaming activities are supervised from time to time making it responsive towards immediate settlement for any fraud related issues.


We have provided essential tools to complete its clients’ iGaming operations. With our sophisticated Backend System, both of its providers and operators are allowed to open and operate as many agents in their structure. With this, they can gain full control on monitoring such as bet records, settlement and financial report.

Multi-Gaming Platform

Our greatest advantage over online casino providers is innovative software. It is fully compatible to run on tablets, windows PC, smart phones (both android and iOS system). Through its HTML5 format players can directly access the games through mobile internet browser without the need to install for a separate application.

24/7 Customer Support

Our receptive customer support team provides efficient 24/7 service. If you have any inquiries, our well trained customer support agents are always ready to give full assistance.


Enjoy our games even more as we added exceptional features

Multi-Gaming Interface

One of the greatest features of Lotus Gaming is that it offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to engage in multiple mini games unlike other online casinos. The strength of this service is that all games within the platform could be enjoyed conveniently with a universal online game credits. Users can play live Baccarat and bet on mini games just like Snakes and Ladders. At the same time, they can check game results and betting history logs in real time.

Complete Mobile Environment (HTML5)

In the whole online casino industry, Lotus Gaming is the first to be fully mobile-compatible with the HTML5 format. Its primary function enables the players to play games directly from a mobile Internet browser without the need for a separate applications or app installation. HTML5 can still provide user convenience even in response to the presence of unstable internet connection. It can transmit game results even when the video can be toggled on and off.

User-friendly Service

Lotus Gaming brings the thrill of maximizing the online casino experience by providing an easy access to a wide array of game choices. Aside from Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Odd Even and Dragon&Tiger, Lotus Gaming will come up with completely new game such as Lotus 5 and Red & White.Lotus provides a betting plan suitable for the needs of its demanding market. It also provides its clients the customization of betting limit. Lotus Gaming offers convenient gaming experience with the assistance of its frontline dealers, customer service and technical support.

Vivid and Lively Experience

In order to provide users with the best Gaming environment, we are using high-speed Fiber Internet with high-end servers and the best equipment thereby providing a stable streaming environment with almost no video delay which has been generally occurring in online casinos. Betting and game results are reflected in real time, and minimal to zero errors are handled instantly by our professional CS team. It operates 24 hours a day, to help you enjoy the various and selected games in a more pleasant environment.