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Red and White: Lotus Gaming’s Online Breakthrough Inspired From A Filipino Street Game

Experience a new online casino game that you’ve never tried before. Take some shuffling of chances when you put your bets on LOTUS GAMING’s Red and White. This new game will surely entertain you as the you get into the twist of its cultural vibe.Red and White is inspired from a Filipino traditional street game which is played in fiesta fairs. Getting more curious about this Filipino game craze? Then we’ll take you through the dynamics of the game.

Originally, the street game is played using a mobile box consisting of square compartments. Here, the player throws a pingpong ball with the aim of landing on a compartment that has a corresponding prize. On the other hand, LOTUS GAMING’s online game version of Red and White is played starting with the dealer throwing a set of 3 balls. The player then guesses whether the 2 balls within the set of 3 will settle in the red compartment or in the white compartment. The odds of the game will depend on the whole board layout as it consists 100 square compartments inclusive of 49 red squares, 49 white squares and 2 yellow squares.

Furthermore, the player must note that all betting amount on red or white will be considered void if the ball being thrown will finally settle on a yellow square that shows a LOTUS GAMING logo. Each round takes one minute therefore a total of 1440 rounds is played every day. Red and White is definitely a fusion of exceptional game innovation and cultural recognition. Keep playing and winning for hours with this ultra-entertaining game exclusive only at LOTUS GAMING.Try it now and request for a test account. Email us at!