Welcome to Lotus Gaming

Over the last few years, the online casino industry has boomed with its growing number of patrons. This paved a way for Lotus Gaming to operate as an online casino game provider. Lotus Gaming was then launched in the Philippines with its exquisite service which also caters to international markets. With a great number of partners all over the world, Lotus Gaming continues to maintain a foundation of trust and a level of satisfactory expertise. Having built an excellent reputation, Lotus Gaming has then qualified under the rigorous legal accreditation in the Philippines.

Lotus Gaming is continuously reaching new heights as it provides a sophisticated technology integrated in a multi-gaming platform. It gives an experience of real-time live streaming with an access to gaming definitive guide and a vivid environment of betting interface.

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Expect a new level of excitement as LOTUS GAMING provides

Side Betting

Side Betting brings an extension of the availability of game slots which enables the player to enjoy the existing sidebets even when playing at a current table. Lotus Gaming lets you mix it up with other side betting variants to maintain your gaming momentum and grab your ultimate winning advantage.

Huge Selection of Games

Get ready to pump up your enthusiasm with Lotus Gaming’s huge selection of games. Players can choose from a wide array of sophisticated options. Odd Even, Dragon & Tiger, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette and various slot games. Lotus Gaming will include Lotus 5, and Red & White for a more exhilarating match.

Preferred Pattern

Lotus Gaming keeps your chip setting organized within different patterns. It lets players avoid confusion of which chips fall on original bets and monitors chips denomination. Spend gaming hours guaranteed with flexible and customizable pattern setting.

Various Betting Options

Double your money or win back your losses as Lotus Gaming provides custom bets. This can cap the players’ outlay to suit their budget. It helps calculate the odds of the game and predict the player’s chances. Betting table options include Classic, Super 6 and Super 98.

Slow Internet Alternative

Lotus Gaming can direct its players to navigate a gaming environment in animation graphic if the user has slow internet connection. This is the answer to the need of retaining the game experience without the video being toggled on and off.

Customizing Betting Chips

Lotus Gaming innovates the betting interface by giving its players’ an exclusive access to chip setting. This allows the players to choose the amount of chips they’ll use in the game while keeping them well organized within different pattern options.